Wolf Creek Kansas Wolf Creek 1 reactor ramps up to 95 percent power - U.S. NRC

May 21 (Reuters) - Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corp's 1,175-megawatt Wolf Creek nuclear power plant

in Kansas ramped up to 95 percent power by early Monday from 9 percent power early Friday,

the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission said in a report.


STATE:      Kansas           
COUNTY:     Coffey           
TOWN:       Burlington about 100 miles (160 km) southwest of      
            Kansas City           
OPERATOR:   Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corp           
OWNER:      - Kansas City Power & Light, a Great Plains  
              Energy Inc  (GXP.N)  unit (47 percent)           
            - Kansas Gas and Electric, a Westar Energy 
              Inc  (WR.N)  unit (47 percent)           
            - Kansas Electric Power Co-op (6 percent)           
CAPACITY:   1,175 MW           
UNIT(S):    Westinghouse pressurized water reactor       
FUEL:       Nuclear           
DISPATCH:   Baseload 

1985 -      Unit enters service           
2006 -      Wolf Creek files with U.S. Nuclear Regulatory        
            Commission to renewal the original 40-year      
            operating license for an additional 20 years          
2008 -      NRC renews operating license           
2045 -      Unit license expires
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